Training Services

Due to our combined expertise of more than 95 years in project management, drilling services, well services, operational excellence improvement and data warehousing, MN7 offers a wide range of training services from engineering to operations management and data analytics. Our own and our partners high class facilities around the globe are very welcoming to any guests keen on broadening their horizon. Furthermore we are also pleased to give in-house seminars at the customers facilities if they are proper suited for the training.

Engineering Workshops

We offer workshops in well design, BHA and bit selection, drilling programme establishment, project scheduling, risk assessment, basic geomechanics, completions and workover design. Our experienced engineers and senior supervisors are pleased to share their wide knowledge on this highly demanding realm.

Drill Well On Paper courses are at the very basis of these workshops and the participants will learn how to face drilling problems prior to spudding the well.

Well Intervention Training

Our senior workover experts give dedicated courses in well intervention planning and execution jobs. From selecting well intervention candidates, over planning the operations and executing them in an efficient way, our trainers guide the participants through this demanding topic.

Offset Well Analysis and Benchmarking Workshops

This is a multidisciplinary workshop where senior drilling engineers and senior data analysts forward the power of data to the participants. It facilitates the transition from experience based to data-driven planning, where the participants will learn

Performance Driller Training

This training is especially aimed for the drillers on the brake handle or joystick and tool pushers. Basic physics and geology build the basis of this course and the aim is to give the driller an understanding of the influencing factors to achieve fast ROP while in the same time improving well bore quality and reducing the risk of drilling problems. Performance Drillers are more independent and can take remedial actions immediately, taking off load from Tool Pushers and Drilling Engineers. proNova is the main tool for planning, monitoring and evaluating and graduates are able to make use of its power.

Performance Roughneck Training

Repeatable manual processes present a very major time consumer in any drilling project. These training courses will train participants to become Performance Roughnecks. The main training includes Efficient Tripping, Efficient Drilling Connections, Efficient Casing Running, Rig Floor Organisation and Operational Awareness.

proNova Rig Move On Paper© Workshops

Participants learn how to use proNova for optimizing their rig moves. proNova monitors and analyzes rig moves and quantifies the Invisible Lost Time and Lost Time within. During the workshop the participants use this information to find the critical path of the operation and to build an optimized rig move schedule without waste. At the end they can utilize this knowledge for their projects and improve the company’s performance by drilling more wells in a certain time.