Operational Excellence

MN7’s most outstanding unique feature is its focus on overall efficiency and operational excellence by utilizing the power of drilling data through proNova Drilling and Monitoring services. proNova is a leader in efficiency improvement and cost saving and has more than 15 years of experience in this area. This allows us to improve daily meterage while at the same time enhance wellbore quality and safety on the rig site. Wells are completed faster, leading to earlier production and more ultimate recovery.

At the core proNova deals with the drilling data during the actual well construction execution itself. It is designated to the translation of large sensor data streams into valuable information in real-time and 24/7 to support objective decision making. proNova introduced first the concept of Invisible Lost Time to the oil and gas industry. The total well construction time may be divided into:

Invisible Lost Time, Lost Time, BOBT, Flat time

“What gets measured gets improved.”, Peter F. Drucker stated correctly. Therefore the core of any proNova service is an objective, accurate, detailed and quality-controlled measurement of the well construction process.

Steps to Efficiency

Steps to Efficiency

Moreover proNova additionally stores any other related data, like Morning Reports, Logs, Well Plans and Final Well Reports etc. and with its Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) functionalities, is our main tool for project follow-up and even for project planning through the processing of historical and offset data.