Where we stand today...

media nova seven energy (MN7) is a provider of Turnkey Project Solutions for the oil and gas industry, operating under the mission statement:

Maximize value using data analytics to deliver optimized turnkey solutions to the oil and gas industry.

Performance optimization and continuous improvement are key elements of our corporate philosophy. This is conveyed along the complete line of communication down to the rig floor and in turn MN7 encourages through distinct actions the feedback up to the project management. It is these actions that allow us to perform Best in Class when it comes to project efficiency and quality. Furthermore MN7’s unique agile project management approach allows us to react quickly to any changes of circumstances and customer requirements. This leads to faster and better well construction, allowing our clients to produce earlier with a greater ultimate recovery and less CAPEX spending.

media nova seven energy provides Turnkey Project Solutions for complete well campaigns. We offer our clients a central interface for their field development projects and cover the complete process from processing and interpretation of seismic data down to executing the well construction operations with all the necessary engineering, procurement, operational, legal and financial activities.

Through all these processes proNova is our main tool for assessment, planning, monitoring and analysis. This is our main difference allowing us to deliver better results in less time with minimum risk for our clients.

An MN7 Turnkey Project Solution is an integrated approach to field development and may consist of all of the following services or certain parts only:

Added value for our clients