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MN7 can refer to a long and successful history and its main expertise is the result of combining all aspects of oil and gas field development with the power of big data.

Through our exclusive drilling and well services partner RAG.Energy.Drilling (RED) we provide our clients the Best in Class integrated drilling services. RED is a spin-off company from the very first Austrian oil and gas production and exploration company Rohöl-Aufsuchungs Gesellschaft (RAG) established in 1935, but with roots reaching back to the nineteenth century. Over the past decades RAG managed to prevail on the market despite two world wars, several economic crises and oil price shocks. RAG builds their success on flexible and sustainable management with a strong focus on their human resources and all stakeholders. This is also the very reason why RAG operates, as one of the last operators in the western world, its own rigs and is able to execute all phases of a field development project from seismic data processing, over project planning, drilling, completing and testing, production, workover and finally abandonment on their own.

Compared to other operators, RAG always performs best when it comes to HSEQ, operational efficiency, equipment lifetime and production efficiency due to its strong in-house knowledge. Thus the decision was made to offer this expertise to other operators and RAG.Energy.Drilling was established in 2014. With more than 80 years of drilling experience and more than 1,100 wells drilled in the highly demanding area of Central Europe, RED serves the European market with two modern rigs and its own crews and engineering teams. It is headquartered in Austria and operates under the highest national and international standards (SCC**, ISO 14001) with clients from national and international oil and gas companies like Austrian OMV and German Wintershall. Also energy providers as well as public institutions and communities are served.

By 2014 an average of 13 wells per year were drilled. RED reached the highest total amount of meters drilled in a year with around 66,000 metres in the year 2010. In addition to conventional oil and gas exploration and production wells and gas storage wells, also highly deviated, horizontal and extended reach (ERD) wells have been drilled, as well as landmark geothermal projects have been executed. RED owned and operated surface test equipment is used on many wells to conduct open hole tests in order to obtain information on the size of the gas, oil or water resources and therefore determine the economic viability for production.

What sets MN7 apart is the pursuit for transition from experienced driven to fact based decision making. Therefore data analytics plays an important role in all phases of project assessment, planning and execution. MN7 utilises the power of proNova for monitoring and improving the operational excellence at all stages of project management. proNova is a service of TDE which is a sister company of MN7, a world leader of drilling performance and a benchmarking provider with more than 15 years of expertise. Since its foundation in 2000, practically every major national and international oil company, but also the world’s largest drilling contractors rely on its data analytics for their daily operations.

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